About us

Founded in 2009, Golden Flag is an Italian Saudi partnership specialized in the design and production of furnishings and fit out for the hospitality and contract industry.

Golden Flag Contract deals with the complex activity of contracting furniture projects for the Residential, Wellness and Hotel markets , producing exclusive furniture, furnishings and decorations on a turn-key basis. Having started out in hospitality, 

Golden Flag Contract has constantly fine-tuned its technical know—how and managerial skills and strengthened its cooperation with the world’s most important hotel brands, interior designers and contractors, in the execution of dozens of international projects, unique in their design, historical and artistic value.As a result, 

Golden Flag Contract has earned a position of excellence which goes well beyond the hotel industry,and now supplies all sorts of projects: designer stores, restaurants, bars and pubs, banks, offices, casinos,private clinics, yachts, health and fitness centers, spas, museums and private residences. This guarantees our specific know-how in terms of market awareness and ability to tailor fit solutions that guarantee competitive prices at a high standard quality.

Golden Flag Contract also places real value on its team: a team of specialists who can handle the extremely challenging nature of the projects they deal with, and can ensure their customers not only high-quality products but also a high-quality service ranging from the planning, to the after sales assistance with respect to pressing deadlines and agreed budgets.